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Some fabulous things about KHSD

Dear Ms. Kim,

Linh came home with Zimi’s trophy, which absolutely surprised my whole family. She’s been a little cheeky member in our family, who often makes people smile (and cry 😬). But getting a scholarship is beyond what we expected.

I think this achievement is definitely credited to yourself and other teachers! Thank you for teaching her not only dancing techniques, but love and confidence in what’s she’s doing. I remember after Zimi’s first exam, she came home and said “I think I’m good at ballet and I want to do more exams”. It’s not the result but her confidence that makes me remember the moment, given she’s often a shy girl and needed a lot of encouragement to enroll in that very first exam. More than that, over the year, she’s been working on her dance and being so serious about punctuality and attendance. She was really disappointed that she had to quarantine and couldn’t perform in the biggest performance of the year, at the same time worried if her role will affect others. You’ve been teaching her not only to be a good dancer but a responsible person!

So we sincerely thank you and other teachers for the support and encouragement! She really loves it and hopefully she will keep it up in the coming years!
                                                                                                                                                                                              December 2021

Kim Harvey School of Dance provided the perfect finale with their brilliantly conceived and danced, whimsical classical ballet piece, choreographed by Kim Harvey and Simone Dawson entitled “Un Peu Amusant”

                                                                                                                        Bill Stephens - Canberra Critics Circle, RAD Gala May 2021

Good Morning Folks, even though we are doting grandparents, last night's performance by all dancers, and the supporting production from stage management to costumes, was simply a delight, and a privilege.

Congratulations to everyone.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              December 2019




Thank you very much Kim

You have gone to a lot of effort.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my daughters time with KHSD. I really want to say thank you for all that you do.

She has always loved to dance and wanted to dance.  The fact that 12 years later she still loves to dance is a tribute to you.  

I know KHSD is an amazing high achieving dance school but I have loved your inclusion and that you provide the opportunities in line with each child’s goals.  My daughter never wanted to be a professional dancer but I never felt she wasn’t a valued member of the school and performance program.  She has learnt commitment, she is strong and healthy and has made some great friends. 

Over the 12 years she has danced with KHSD, life has had its ups and downs but dance has been her constant.  

I don’t know what her future holds but you and your team have contributed in so many valuable ways.

With much regard                                                                                                                                                                                                        April 2019

A big thank you again for the workshop. You have the ULTIMATE in dance studios and students. You should be incredibly proud of all your hard and excellent work.

Josh Horner   September 2017



Hello Kim, just watched Pushing the Boundaries and wanted to say congratulations on being rated 4th best architectural achievement. It was wonderful to get an insight into both your vision and inspiration for the Oak. (And I think you are a real natural for TV too ). The Oak is truly a unique world class design. We love that the Oak is a fusion of movement art and visual art. Our kids are so lucky to be in a place that inspires and at the same time feels like a second home. Congratulations to you both.

                            May 2017



I would like to tell you that my daughter has really enjoyed her first week with your dance school and enjoyed every class she has attended , your students and teachers have made her feel very welcome which had made this a very easy transition for her and me of course , so credit to you.                                                                                                                                                                          

February 2017

Thank you so much for such a pleasurable two days teaching. What a joy - and rare treat - it is to come and work in such beautiful studios with such a talented, attentive and courageous bunch of students. 

Josef Brown, Dancer, Actor, Choreographer     29-30 August 2015




Dear Miss Kim, Miss Simone, Mrs Harvey, all the teachers involved (and Mr Roland too),


Thank you for all you do to put 50+ students through 30+ exams (but who’s counting) over a full week while continuing to run the normal schedule of classes.  It has undoubtedly been an mammoth task and I can only imagine the number of times you would have wished the week to be over, to be able to sleep in and never again to see another bottle of hairspray. The smiling faces of the dancers tells us parents what a positive exam experience it has been and we thank you.   This was my daughters first exam with KHSD and regardless of the exam result, she felt prepared and able to give it her best, testament to the individualised preparation that has been put in.  Oddly, she felt sad the exams were over which is saying something! Thank you to a wonderful team at KHSD.  Feeling very grateful to be part of the KHSD community.  

14 August 2015



I just wanted to commend you on such a beautiful end of year concert!  Every year I think 'well that was just so beautiful' but you seem to out do yourself year after year!  I loved the 'My Fair Lady' ballet - the backdrop and divine costumes were simply amazing and so elegant.  And Gabby was absolutely fantastic - she is so expressive and such a delight to watch. As usual the standard of the ballet was so high (a universally agreed fact) and the choreography was absolutely delightful (loved how the horse race was depicted).  I also really enjoyed the splash of humour in 'My Fair Lady' - it was thoroughly entertaining.  Enough of the superlatives.  Congratulations to you and your dedicated team on another wonderful production :)

8 December 2013




I have one daughter who is soooo excited about the performance. Every (minute of every) day, we hear "What I like about how KHSD does our performance..." ; "What I like about Miss Simone..."; "What I like about Miss Meg..."; "What I like about Miss Kim..."




I just have to say Kim Harvey you have the most amazing ballet school and the performance we saw today was incredible.Every girl and boy we saw danced beautifully and have been trained by you with perfection. As I have wanted to come and see your concert now for many years it certainly did not disappoint me.Thank you so much and I am so looking forward to next year. 

7 December 2013




Watch Kim Harvey School of Dance concert. ..the most professional & polished production I have seen outside the Opera House ever!

Wonderful show Kim xx

7 December 2013





My friend Karen & I came down from Shellharbour to see Kim's concert today. We didn't know any of the dancers, but we were both extremely impressed with the quality & professionalism of every item. We have already made plans to come back for next year's concert & to bring more friends with us.

7 December 2013




Truely one of the best concerts. And that's saying a lot as they have been outstanding forever!!

8 December 2013




Stunning concert Kim, well trained and gorgeous, a credit to you and your Teachers.

8 December 2013




I just wanted to thank you, Simone and your mum for the smooth running of Harper's first exam this morning.
I really appreciated all the work you all put in, not just in preparing Harper, but the exam outfits and hairstyles etc. It's been a very positive experience for Harper and I'm very grateful for the hard work and commitment you gave Well done! 

August 2013




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